Liptember’s partnership with batyr was formed in late 2016. batyr’s forward thinking and ambitious approach to youth mental health fits perfectly with our long-term plans to support programs and services for young women.

batyr is at the forefront of preventative education in the area of youth mental health, providing programs that train young people to speak about their personal experience with mental health and start a conversation in their community. batyr takes these speakers into schools, universities and corporate arenas to continue this conversation around mental health. The programs engage, educate and empower the audience to learn from the experiences of others and to reach out to the great services around them.

The partnership between Liptember and batyr has allowed for thousands of young women to be reached nationally, with exciting plans to engage with and empower many more in the years to come.

Funds from the 2017 campaign have allowed batyr to provide the following:

40 batyr@school programs (total of 4,500 girls reached)

The batyr@school program is designed to be both informative and fun, for students and teachers alike. Young, relatable speakers engage the students with their stories of hope, resilience and courage in their experiences with mental ill-health. Trained facilitators educate students on the support networks and services available to them (including the school’s services), and empower students to reach out for help when needed. The students will also learn about how they can take care of themselves or a friend through batyr’s 5 tips.

3 Being Herd workshops (up to 21 young women)

Over the period of two-days, Being Herd workshops bring together a small group of young people to learn how to confidently share their lived experience with mental ill- health or what it’s been like supporting someone else. The workshop focuses on highlighting the steps you took to get support, what has helped in your recovery or management of your experiences and how you can share your story in a safe and effective way for yourself and other young people. After participating in the workshop participants may also have the opportunity to undergo further training to become a batyr speaker, sharing their story at schools. By speaking out and sharing their own experience, batyr Speakers smash the stigma around mental health and show students that they are not alone in their struggles, that support is available when they need it, and how truly beneficial getting help is.

2 facilitator training workshops (up to 10 young women)

It is the facilitators role to create a safe and supportive environment for the batyr speakers to share their story, the intensive training covers a range of skills including public speaking, ice breakers, how to engage with young people and creating a safe environment.

The facilitators set the mood and help to create a fun and inclusive environment, ensuring students leave a program feeling positive and empowered to reach out for help if they need it.
Liptember is incredibly proud to be partnered with such a special team of inspiring people, working towards a national target where young women engage in positive conversations about mental health and are empowered to seek out help when needed.

To learn more about batyr, please visit:

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