The success of our 2017 campaign has allowed Liptember to invest funds into exciting new organisations like the Pretty Foundation, who is dedicated to nourishing the early developmental stages of young girls’ lives by creating a range of initiatives to foster a healthy body image in young girls. Through combining evidence and creativity the Foundation develops campaigns and resources that provide the perspective, skills and support for building body confidence.

Liptember has recently provided seed funding for the Pretty Foundation and our 2017 funds have now provided the base to launch their new book series, Charlies Tale’s. The aim of this series is to help foster and support the mental health of young girls, by building resilience and instilling positive body image messages.

Pretty Q&A 
Our recent Q&A with CEO and Founder of the Pretty Foundation, Merissa Forsyth, provided some insight into her story, plans for the campaign and what Liptember’s support has allowed the Pretty Foundation to achieve.

1. What inspired you to launch the Pretty Foundation?

I was once asked, what would our world look like if our girls grew up without being ‘weighed down’ by the impact of negative body image? I started to imagine a generation of confident girls growing up to be confident women. I saw women and girls reaching their full potential and prospering for the betterment of not just themselves, but society. At that point, I realised I could no longer allow this to be something I only imagined. Our world needed this to be a reality and so the Pretty Foundation was born.

The Pretty Foundation is leading the way in early developmental initiatives that foster a healthy body image in young girls. Through combining evidence and creativity we develop campaigns and resources that provide the perspective, skills and support for building body confidence. Our passion is developing confident girls who are empowered to become confident women, as we want to ensure girls reach their full potential, for the betterment of all society.

2. Tell us more about the new children’s series Charlie’s Tales.

One of the Pretty Foundation’s key focus areas is ‘edutainment’: education through entertainment. The Charlie’s Tales book series is a major initiative we are undertaking in this area.

We hope to develop Charlie as a peer role model to set an example for our girls: one who embodies the characteristics of a healthy body image, and seeks to live her life to its full potential. We also hope to build resilience in our girls by instilling positive body image messages through each of Charlie’s adventures.

We have big plans for Charlie, and, more importantly, big plans for our girls. We hope you join us in building up our girls and raising them into confident and resilient women.

The Charlie’s Tales book series aims to develop messages that stem from our 4 key body image pillars:

1. Our bodies are all unique, and we need to value the ways we are different to everyone else.
2. Our bodies are a vehicle for life, and we need to value what they can do.
3. Our character is important, and we need to value our inner beauty.
4. Self-efficacy is key, and we need to value our abilities and be confident in them.

3. What has Liptember’s funding achieved so far?

As one of the beneficiaries of Liptember and we are truly very thankful for the incredible work that the Liptember team undertake to raise funds and awareness for our charity as well as the other amazing causes they support.

The funding we’ve received from Liptember thus far has allowed Pretty Foundation to launch its first parent’s campaign called Pretty Powerful. The campaign sought to educate parents about the impact of their language on their daughters’ body image. The campaign drove thousands of people to the website and thousands of downloads of parents and children’s body image resources, which are still regularly being downloaded today. Most importantly, when parents were surveyed after the campaign, 85% said they intend to more frequently use language that encouraged a healthy body image in their daughter.

In addition to this, Liptember’s funds have allowed us to develop and print out 10,000 copies of Charlie’s Tales, Sylvie and the Star Tree. The support we received from Liptember allowed Pretty Foundation to run events in Westfield shopping centres and hand out free books to parents of young children. An online version of the book has also been developed so that those who couldn’t attend the events could view the book online – this of course has also allowed families overseas to view the book. Whilst it is still early days, the overwhelming response from parents and children has been extremely positive.

4. What’s planned for the Pretty Foundation in 2018?

In 2018 Pretty Foundation are looking to continue developing the Charlie’s Tales series through launching further books and the first animated episode. Additionally, our plans are to create further parents campaigns to continue to encourage parents to take an active step in building resilience in their daughters.

Body image development is a function of a combination of socio-cultural influences and individual factors. At Pretty Foundation our focus is on making an impact through the 3 key social cultural influences: parents, peers and the media. Throughout 2018, Pretty Foundation will be looking at developing initiatives that focus on these 3 areas, building a platform to speak directly to young girls all over the world.

We are so thankful to Liptember as you’ve made all our projects possible. Thank you!



To learn more about the Pretty Foundation, please visit:

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