Our final 2017 campaign outcome is one we’re extremely proud of and builds upon the long term partnership Liptember has formed with the Centre for Women’s Mental Health (CWMH).

Over the last eight years Liptember has provided over $1.1M for essential programs run by the centre. This funding has, among many other projects, provided more than 150 new mothers and their babies with specialist mental health support through the Parenting with Feeling program; trained close to 700 Australian and New Zealand professionals to help parents understand and communicate with their newborn through the Newborn Behavioural Observations (NBO) program; and employed a full-time Safe Mothers, Safe Babies clinical psychologist to work specifically with mothers at risk of domestic violence and trauma.

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Most of the individual programs to benefit from Liptember funding fall under the Building Early Attachment and Resilience (BEAR) project. Liptember’s 2017 donation is earmarked to allow the Centre for Women’s Mental Health to expand this project by piloting BEAR House – an innovative, community based, two-week, day program for up to six mothers and their babies. It also supports partners and fathers. Based in an apartment close to the Royal Women’s Hospital, women in BEAR House will receive the support of hospital based services such as nursing, psychology, psychiatry and maternity follow-up for mothers once they’ve left hospital. After many years of successful BEAR group programs in the hospital setting, BEAR House will enable the Women’s to move towards providing hospital services in a community setting to better support families.

For more information about the programs Liptember have funded in partnership with the CWMH visit, https://www.thewomens.org.au/health-professionals/centre-womens-mental-health/womens-mental-health-service